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The Best SI Belt

The Best SI Belt, Best Braces 0

After searching high and low for the best SI belt on the market, we chose the SI belt for women and men by Altapolo as our top pick. It’s a versatile belt that offers the perfect mix of comfort, durability, and function. Read on to find out more about the best SI joint belts, and say goodbye to pesky aches and pains.

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The Best SI Belt, Best Braces

Best Choice - SI Belt for Women and Men by Altapolo

Altapolo’s SI belt for women and men offers triple elastic bands, extra-strong Velcro closures, and a fluorescent band for better visibility.

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The most common symptom of sacroiliac dysfunction includes lower back pain, which often spreads to the hips, buttocks, and groin. Luckily, wearing an SI belt, also known as a trochanter belt, can alleviate the discomfort of this debilitating condition.

Simple yet effective, SI belts are designed to stabilize the pelvis and minimize the movement of the SI joint. Check our guide to the best SI belts, and don’t let sacroiliac dysfunction keep you from the activities you love.

Our Top Picks

Best Choice

The Best SI Belt, Best Braces


SI Belt for Women and Men

Top Performance

The Best SI Belt, Best Braces


Sacroiliac Joint Support Belt

Can’t Count Out

The Best SI Belt, Best Braces


Sacroiliac Support Belt

The 9 Best SI Belts

Best Choice: SI Belt for Women and Men by Altapolo

Featuring triple elastic bands, this adjustable SI belt delivers targeted support and compression to alleviate the pain and inflammation of sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Plus, it is made from lightweight and breathable anti-slip material and features a fluorescent band to keep you safe after dusk.

Main Features

  • Lightweight and breathable material
  • Triple elastic bands
  • Anti-pilling material
  • Extra-strong Velcro
  • Fluorescent band


  • High compression level
  • Customized support
  • Stays securely in place
  • Can be worn at night


  • Velcro closure can lose its grip over time
  • Not suitable for large individuals

Top Performance: Sacroiliac Joint Support Belt by DonJoy

Available in two sizes, this adjustable SI support belt is made from breathable soft mesh material and features silicone grip strips to prevent it from bunching up. This belt’s low-profile design makes it ideal for wearing underneath clothes. On top of all that, its unique patented pulley system ensures uniform compression.

Main Features

  • Low-profile design
  • Made from mesh material
  • Silicone grip strips
  • Pulley system
  • Comes in 2 sizes


  • Can be worn under clothes
  • Won’t bunch up
  • Fully adjustable
  • Uniform compression


  • High price tag
  • Can slide up when you’re sitting

Can’t Count Out: Sacroiliac Support Belt by OPTP

This adjustable SI-LOC belt by OPTP alleviates lumbar discomfort, as well as referred pain in the hips, pelvis, and legs. Made from a lightweight and breathable material, it is uniquely shaped to be wider at the sides for more uniform pressure distribution. Plus, it comes with built-in non-slip pads that keep it securely in place as you go about your activities.

Main Features

  • Wide-side design
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Non-slip pads
  • Dual Velcro closures


  • Uniform pressure distribution
  • Supports and compresses SI joint
  • Stays in place
  • Non-bulky


  • No return policy
  • Some reviewers have reported that the sizing chart is inaccurate

The Other SI Belts We Reviewed

The Best SI Belt, Best Braces

SI Hip Belt for Women and Men by Vriksasana Posture

This SI joint belt features a two-layer design, with a stabilizing primary belt made from perforated neoprene and secondary straps made from an elastic fish ribbon fabric. It features inner anti-slip silicone strips to stop it from sliding up or down as you go about your day or workout. Unfortunately, some reviewers have reported that the integrated Velcro fastening can lose grip over time.

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The Best SI Belt, Best Braces

Sacroiliac Hip Belt by Serola

Supportive without being restrictive or uncomfortable, this Serola SI belt delivers both stability and compression. Made with an open-cell urethane layer, it is breathable and moisture-wicking for maximum comfort. Plus, it is hypoallergenic and can be worn under clothes without irritating the skin. On the downside, some users have found this belt uncomfortable.

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The Best SI Belt, Best Braces

BackWonder SI Joint Belt by GNR

Made from soft neoprene with moisture-wicking lining, this belt compresses and supports the SI joint to reduce the symptoms of sacroiliac joint problems such as pelvic, hip, lumbar, and leg pain. Easy to put on, the belt features two elastic cinch straps, an offset buckle for leverage, and two inner non-slip silicone pads to keep it in place. While this belt comes in four sizes, finding the right one can be tricky.

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The Best SI Belt, Best Braces

SI Belt by Everyday Medical

This adjustable SI belt has two layers—a main stabilizing belt and adjustable secondary straps for a customized level of compression. Featuring a unique curved back, it is comfortable enough for both night and day wear.

It also comes with two rubberized straps that keep it in place during use. On the downside, this device is not as comfortable as some other SI belts, with some reviewers complaining that it tends to roll up.

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The Best SI Belt, Best Braces

Sacroiliac SI Joint Hip Belt by PlayActive

Designed to alleviate the discomfort of SI joint dysfunction by stabilizing the pelvis and hips, this compression belt for back pain is made from a breathable, anti-slip material for maximum comfort. Plus, it is adjustable with two hook-and-loop tension straps. Please note that this belt is not the best option for large individuals.

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The Best SI Belt, Best Braces

SI Joint Belt by Nvorliy

Slim and soft, this neoprene, nylon, and spandex SI belt come with dual adjustable tension straps for a personalized fit and compression level. It features a low-profile design, which makes it easy to wear either under or over clothes. Unfortunately, this product is not as durable as some of the other SI support belts.

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What is SI Joint Dysfunction?

The SI joints are located on the sides of the spine, connecting it to the pelvis. They are responsible for stabilizing the pelvis and absorbing the shock of movement. Also called sacroiliac joints, the SI joints are kept in alignment by multiple ligaments.

SI joint dysfunction starts when the ligaments do not provide sufficient support. Some of the conditions that can contribute to this destabilization include arthritis, pregnancy, and abnormally tilted sacrum. People who suffer from SI joint dysfunction often experience SI joint inflammation, lumbar pain, as well as pelvic and leg nerve pain.

Tips for Wearing a SI Belt

  • How to Wear an SI Belt?

    While SI belts are often the first line of treatment of SI joint dysfunction, in order to work they have to be worn correctly. SI support belts should be wrapped around the pelvis, never the lower back. Most SI joint belts come with adjustable fasteners for a personalized level of support and compression. It is crucial that an SI belt is not overly tight or loose, as it can either impede blood circulation or provide insufficient support.

  • What Does an SI Belt do?

    An SI belt is designed to alleviate pain and inflammation by limiting movement of the sacroiliac joint and promoting correct pelvis alignment—a job usually done by the ligaments. SI joint belts also offer compression to increase blood circulation, which can accelerate healing.

  • Can You Exercise With SI Joint Pain?

    Vigorous exercise, such as running, is not recommended for those suffering from sacroiliac dysfunction, as it can exacerbate SI joint pain. Low-impact activities, such as walking, is more gentle on the lower back and pelvis and is a better option for those suffering from SI pain.

  • How Long Does it Take for an SI Joint Injury to Heal?

    The severity of the SI joint injury will greatly impact the length of time it takes to heal. If your SI joint pain is due to a sudden injury, the healing process should take between a few days to a few weeks. Doctors typically recommend that patients suffering from SI joint pain wear an SI belt both day and night for ten days, followed by six to eight weeks of wearing the belt only during the day. Be sure to talk to your doctor, if you have any questions.

Weighing All the Factors

If you are plagued by SI joint pain, Altapolo’s SI belt for women and men can help. Made from anti-slip material, it is lightweight, breathable, and features triple elastic bands for a high level of compression. Our other top contenders by DonJoy and OPTP also feature comfortable non-slip designs. Check out our guide to find out which belt is the right choice for you.

The Best SI Belt, Best Braces

Best Choice - SI Belt for Women and Men by Altapolo

Altapolo’s SI belt for women and men offers triple elastic bands, extra-strong Velcro closures, and a fluorescent band for better visibility.

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