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Best Massage Roller Stick

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With ergonomically-friendly grips and industrial-strength materials at its core, this best-seller from IDSON is fitted between padded handholds, making it easy to hold, comfortable to use, and an effective tool against sore muscles. We found this stick massage roller was able to do away with soreness, suppress trigger point pain, and reduce muscle fatigue when used regularly.

Best Choice - Muscle Roller Stick by IDSON

Designed to correct muscle imbalances, reduce soreness, and improve tissue recovery, the Muscle Roller Stick by IDSON is just the right size to fit in a gym bag.

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Whether you’re dealing with arthritis pangs or training for a marathon, recovery tools should be an important part of your self-care arsenal. The best massage roller sticks can give you a deep tissue massage, loosen tight muscles, increase circulation, speed healing, and even fight muscle fatigue. These top-rated stick massage rollers will work out the kinks and help you feel better fast.

Our Top Picks

Best Choice

Muscle Roller Stick


Muscle Roller Stick

Top Performance

Original Massage Stick

Tiger Tail

Original Massage Stick

Can’t Count Out

Muscle Roller Massage Stick

Supremus Sports

Muscle Roller Massage Stick

The Seven Best Massage Roller Sticks

ProductBrandLengthBest Price
Muscle Roller StickIDSON17.5”Buy on Amazon
Classic Roller StickTiger Tail18”Buy on Amazon
Muscle Roller Massage StickSupremus Sports17.5”Buy on Amazon
Travel StickThe Stick17"Buy on Amazon
Muscle Roller StickSportneer17.5"Buy on Amazon
Massage Roller StickElite Sports Equipment18.2"Buy on Amazon
Muscle Roller StickVive17.7"Buy on Amazon

Best Choice: Muscle Roller Stick by IDSON

The Muscle Roller Stick is designed for athletes but is also an effective pain reliever for people with arthritis, cramps, chronic pain, and those recovering from injury or surgery. This muscle roller warms muscles and increases circulation during pre-workouts, speeds recovery during post-workouts, and relieves pain anytime.

This durable massage stick has 9 therapeutic spindles to power out pain and stiffness from the backlogs, feet, and arms. It’s easy to use and feels oh-so-good!

Main Features

  • 9 independent ABS rollers
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Made from industrial strength materials
  • Suitable for before or after workouts and injury recovery
  • Money back guarantee


  • Travel-friendly design
  • The textured roller works out tough knots
  • Handles don’t put unnecessary strain on wrists
  • Shortens recovery time
  • Affordable


  • Not as flexible as other choices
  • Plastic rollers may be too hard for some

Top Performance: Original Massage Stick by Tiger Tail

The Original Tiger Tail Massage Stick is a compact muscle roller that’s been a favorite of physical therapists for years. This gentle massage roller stick has a small cushioned foam roller at its center that feels good against the skin and speeds recovery after workouts by increasing the circulation and relaxing muscles. This is the perfect choice for athletes, those who suffer from muscle cramps, and people healing from injury.

Main Features

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Padded roller
  • Small enough to fit in a gym bag
  • Suitable for athletes and chronic pain patients
  • Includes 3-year warranty


  • Speeds recovery time
  • Relieves fatigue and soreness
  • Cushioned center roller spins smoothly
  • Does not bend out of shape
  • Includes 3-year warranty


  • Handles may be too short for large hands
  • May need to be aired out before use as foam section smells funny

Can’t Count Out: Muscle Roller Massage Stick by Supremus Sports

When muscle knots and tight muscles hinder movement, this top-rated muscle roller massage stick is an affordable option. This compact self-massage tool is ideal for your whole body.

The padded hand grips are comfortable to hold, and the textured rollers rub out pain in the feet, legs, IT bands, hips, arms, shoulders, neck, head, and back. This stick is firm enough to increase circulation but not so hard as to cause more pain during use.

Main Features

  • Money back guarantee
  • Appropriate treatment for a variety of conditions
  • Small and portable
  • Padded, grippy handles
  • Portable


  • Eases muscle aches
  • Comfortable handles are easy to grasp
  • Inexpensive
  • Rolls smoothly over bare and clothed skin
  • Informative instruction manual included


  • Not as flexible as other choices
  • Squeaks before being broken in

The Other Massage Roller Sticks We Reviewed

Travel Stick by The Stick

The Travel Stick is a 17″ flexible massage tool covered with smooth spindles. This therapeutic body massage roller works trigger points and sore muscles and is a good fit for those with arthritis or people in recovery.

  • While we loved the size and appreciated the increased circulation this roller gave us, we found it to be too flexible and the material too soft to work out tight knots or provide a deep tissue massage.
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Muscle Roller Stick by Sportneer

This muscle massage roller stick gives a great deep tissue massage at a wallet-friendly price, courtesy of 9 ABS independent rollers that have hard segmented spindles. Each spindle hits even the tiniest pressure points and muscle fibers for a truly invigorating massage. Unfortunately, we found the narrow gap between the spindles to frequently grab and pull at body hair on the legs and arms.

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Massage Roller Stick by Elite Sportz Equipment

The Elite Muscle Roller Stick is a gym bag-friendly massage roller that loosens tight muscles and prevents cramps when used pre-workout. With a comfortable, grippy handle and hard plastic rollers, this rigid massage roller is suitable for lower and upper legs. Sadly, the moving rollers on this unit squeak with each movement, which is why it didn’t quite make the cut.

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Muscle Roller Stick by Vive

Vive’s muscle roller stick has nine grooved rollers situated in the center of solid metalcore. Textured rubber handles gave us a comfortable nonslip grip, which made giving a self-massage easy.

This well-made massage roller works for pre and post workouts and offers an excellent deep tissue massage. We found Vive’s roller improved circulation and released muscle tension, but it just didn’t stand out in any way that made it unique.

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Key Features to Consider - Massage Roller Stick

Massage roller benefits are many, but only if you purchase one that fits your needs. A few things to consider include:

  • Level of Firmness

    Firm muscle roller sticks and those with hard spindles can knead out painful knots in muscles and give a deep tissue massage. Appropriate for athletes during pre and post-workout warm-ups and cooldowns, this style of the roller may be too firm for those with arthritis, severe muscle strain, and others who suffer from muscle spasms.

    Massage roller sticks with foam padded or covered cores give a gentler massage while at the same time increasing circulation, warming body tissue, and rolling out painful cramps and soreness. This massage roller stick is best for people living with arthritis, those recovering from injury or surgery, or anyone who finds a gentler massage to be more relaxing.

  • Flexibility

    Firm rollers do not bend or flex during use and are akin to using a wooden rolling pin against the skin. These massage roller sticks give a firm massage and can effectively knead out knots, increase circulation, and speed recovery time. More flexible massage sticks get into the nooks and crannies of your body, like the area behind your knees and hip flexors.

  • Length

    Longer massage rollers are best used with a partner and on larger areas of the body like the back. The disadvantage of this type of roller is that it is too large to fit in luggage or a gym bag. Compact rollers, like those featured above, fit in bags and backpacks and are the recommended style of massage roller stick for self-massage.

  • Ease of Use

    An easy-to-use massage roller stick has comfortable hand grips, is perfectly sized for your needs, and is hassle-free in design. If you suffer from wrist or hand pain, seek out a massage stick with ergonomically-designed handles that are easy to grip and won’t cause additional strain on your body. The more comfortable your stick is to operate, the more you will use it.

Massage Roller Sticks vs. Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are helpful recovery tools that use the weight of your body to apply the appropriate amount of pressure to muscle tissue. While great recovery aids, the best massage roller sticks offer some advantages that traditional foam rollers cannot match.

  • You control the amount of pressure to muscles with your hands
  • Keeps you off the floor
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Portable
  • Give targeted treatment to small and large muscles
  • Wider choice of textures and firmness levels
  • More affordable

Other Ways to Soothe Muscles

Tight, sore muscles can stop you in your tracks and make it difficult to complete daily activities. You can further ease your pain by employing these treatment methods.

  • Heat Therapy

    Hot baths, heating pads, and warming ointments increase circulation to muscles, relaxing them and bringing instant pain relief without fear of side effects that medication can bring.

  • Wear Compression Sleeves

    Compression sleeves wrap tightly around joints and muscles, increasing blood circulation and alleviating inflammation while preventing pain. Compression sleeves are available for knees, ankles, and wrists.

  • Rest

    When in pain, sometimes the best thing for your body is to take a few days off. Allowing your body to heal can speed recovery and prevent injury.

  • Wear a Brace During Activities

    Braces support strained muscles and weak or arthritic joints. Such braces can be worn during activity or at rest. Knee braces and ankle braces prevent injury and relieve pain.

Weighing All the Factors

If muscle pain and strain is plaguing you, a massage roller stick can comfort and soothe your entire body. To improve tissue recovery or lessen inflammation around arthritic joints, reach for the Muscle Roller Stick by IDSON. If you suffer from fatigue or chronic pain, the lightly padded Original Massage Stick by Tiger Tail helps you feel better fast. And if you want a hard massage stick for deep tissue massage, you can’t count out the MuscleRoller Massage Stick by Supremus Sports.

Best Choice - Muscle Roller Stick by IDSON

Designed to correct muscle imbalances, reduce soreness, and improve tissue recovery, the Muscle Roller Stick by IDSON is just the right size to fit in a gym bag.

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