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The Best Neck Braces for Sleeping

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All in all, our pick for the best neck brace for sleeping is Vive’s soft foam cervical collar. Ideal for all-around nighttime neck support, it is latex-free to prevent skin irritation and features breathable lining and an adjustable strap. Read on to learn more about how to prevent neck pain after sleeping.

Best Choice - Soft Foam Cervical Collar by Vive

Vive’s soft foam cervical collar is contoured for both maximum comfort and support. It is available in two sizes, two colors, and comes with a 60-day unconditional guarantee.

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Neck braces for sleeping are worn to limit your range of motion, and let sore muscles heal as you rest. Comfortable and supportive, they are commonly used following an injury, surgery, or to alleviate muscle spasms. Keep reading to learn more about the best neck brace for sleeping and to find the one that has all the features you need.

Our Top Picks

Best Choice

Soft Foam Cervical Collar


Soft Foam Cervical Collar

Top Performance

Relief Neck Rest


Relief Neck Rest

Can’t Count Out

Soft Neck Support


Soft Neck Support

The 7 Best Neck Braces for Sleeping

ProductBrandLatex-FreeSizingColorsBest Price
Soft Foam Cervical CollarViveYesTwo sizesTwo colorsBuy on Amazon
Relief Neck RestCALDERANot specifiedOne sizeOne colorBuy on Amazon
Soft Neck SupportVelpeauYesFour sizesFour colorsBuy on Amazon
Universal Cervical CollarCore ProductsYesFours sizesOne colorBuy on Amazon
Ergonomic Cervical CollarTOROS-GROUPNot specifiedTwo sizesOne colorBuy on Amazon
Cervical Collar for Neck PainCarex Health BrandsNot specifiedOne sizeOne colorBuy on Amazon
Soft Cervical Support CollarMelloNoOne sizeOne colorBuy on Amazon

Best Choice: Soft Foam Cervical Collar by Vive

Available in two colors and two sizes, this latex-free foam neck brace stabilizes the vertebrae and supports the jaw and neck. Plus, it comes with a breathable lining and an adjustable fastening strap for a comfortable fit. This product is backed by a 60-day unconditional guarantee.

Main Features

  • Made from soft foam
  • Contoured design
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Adjustable strap
  • Latex-free


  • Wear during the day or night
  • 60-day unconditional guarantee
  • Easy to put on
  • Available in 2 colors


  • Finding the right size can be tricky
  • Brace may be too stiff for some people

Top Performance: Relief Neck Rest by CALDERA

Featuring a patented flex-tension system that acts like a spring, this one-size-fits-most neck brace is both supportive and comfortable. It is made from flexible and lightweight polyurethane covered in a nylon and spandex blend. The brace also comes with an adjustable Velcro strap.

Main Features

  • Flex-tension system
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Velcro strap
  • Chin indentation
  • One-size-fits-most


  • Easy to transport
  • Conforms to the shape of the neck
  • Adjustable
  • Alleviates neck tension


  • Brace may be too high for some users
  • Not as supportive as some other neck braces

Can’t Count Out: Soft Neck Support by Velpeau

This latex-free neck brace comes in three designs, two of which are suitable for night-wear. If you opt for the dual-use version, simply remove the support belt before sleep.

Made from a medium-density sponge, the brace is comfortable and will not lose its shape over time. The adjustable Velcro closure and a V-shape jaw design ensure maximum comfort.

Main Features

  • 3 designs
  • Made from sponge
  • Comes in 4 sizes
  • Non-rigid and latex-free
  • Adjustable Velcro closure


  • Designed for day and night wear
  • Skin-friendly
  • 12-month guarantee
  • Available in 4 colors


  • Sizes run small
  • Firmer than some braces

The Other Neck Braces for Sleeping We Reviewed

Universal Cervical Collar by Core Products

Manufactured in the USA, this contoured neck collar for sleeping delivers gentle support and acts as a reminder to limit head and neck movements. The brace is made from latex-free polyurethane foam covered in a cotton stockinette. Our one concern with this brace is the company’s lack of a return policy.

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Ergonomic Cervical Collar by TOROS-GROUP

This soft neck brace for sleeping is made from medium-density foam and features a soft cotton liner to keep you comfortable throughout the night. It comes in two sizes and is fully adjustable with a built-in hook-and-loop closure. Unfortunately, this product’s sizing chart isn’t very accurate.

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Cervical Collar for Neck Pain by Carex Health Brands

Made from foam that is covered in soft cotton, this neck support for sleeping is ideal for those suffering from whiplash or muscle pain. The one-size-fits-most collar is fully adjustable with an integrated hook-and-loop closure. Take note of the cleaning directions for this brace, as it cannot be put into the dryer.

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Soft Cervical Support Collar by Mello

This soft neck collar for sleeping comes with integrated magnets to stimulate blood circulation and promote healing. Made from latex and cotton, it is soft, lightweight, and breathable.

The collar can be adjusted for a personalized fit. On the downside, the built-in Velcro fastening can lose its grip over time.

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How to Sleep With a Neck Brace

Neck pain can be caused by multiple factors, including bad posture, cervical weakness, poor sleeping habits, or hunching over a laptop. Luckily, wearing a soft neck collar for sleeping can support your muscles and accelerate healing. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your neck brace.

  • Ensure a Comfortable Fit

    If your brace comes in multiple sizes, it is crucial that you follow the product’s sizing instructions before making your purchase. A brace that is too loose will not provide you with sufficient support, while an overly tight brace is bound to be uncomfortable. When putting on your collar, use the built-in straps to ensure that it fits snugly around your neck.

  • Keep Your Brace Clean

    Most neck braces are covered inlining to keep you cool and dry throughout the night. Keeping the cervical collar clean minimizes the risk of skin infection—most braces come with cleaning instructions. Placing a piece of cotton material between the collar and your skin can minimize the risk of irritation.

  • Invest in the Right Pillow

    If you wear a neck support while sleeping, avoid using stiff or high pillows. Some people even prefer to sleep without a pillow. If you find sleeping with a neck brace on too uncomfortable, try sleeping in a recliner chair. Reclining your chair 45 degrees will minimize the weight of your head on your neck.

Ways of Treating Neck Pain

While wearing a neck brace is one of the best ways to deal with discomfort and speed up healing, here are a few other solutions to neck pain. Consult your physician if you have any questions.

  • The Right Sleeping Position

    Neck discomfort can be caused by a bad sleeping position or an inappropriate pillow. It is recommended that you either sleep on your back or side, as sleeping on your stomach puts too much strain on the neck. The right neck pillow for sleeping should fill in the natural hollow of your neck, and should not be overly firm or thick. An unsupportive mattress can also contribute to neck pain, so consider replacing it if it is old or uncomfortable.

  • Heat or Ice Therapy

    If your neck pain is caused by an injury, applying an ice pack to the affected area for the first 48 to 72 hours can alleviate pain and swelling. Wrap an ice pack in a towel before applying it to the skin to avoid irritation. A heating pad can be applied to the affected area two or three days after the injury to soothe sore muscles.

  • Stretching Exercises

    While rest is recommended immediately after a neck injury, you should start gentle stretching exercises as soon as your pain subsides. This will stop your joints from becoming weaker or stiff, and help to relax your muscles and ligaments. One of the simplest neck stretching exercises is moving your head up and down and side to side.

  • Massage

    A gentle neck massage is a great way to alleviate discomfort. Targeted massage with a massage ball can help you reach and soothe pesky muscle knots. Rubbing a topical pain relief cream into the affected area can also reduce pain by either numbing the area or producing the feeling of warmth.

    Find the Best Neck Massagers

  • Medication

    Over-the-counter pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, can help to alleviate the discomfort of neck pain. It is generally not recommended that these drugs be taken for longer than five to ten days. Talk to your doctor if you are not sure what drugs are best for your situation—some anti-inflammatory drugs can interact with other medications.

Weighing All the Factors

At the end of the day, it is comfort and support that counts most when choosing the best neck brace for sleeping. Vive’s soft foam cervical collar delivers in both of these departments. Suitable for both night- and day-wear, it comes with a breathable lining and an adjustable strap. CALEDRA’s relief neck rest and Velpeau’s soft neck support are the other two options worth considering before making your final purchase.

Best Choice - Soft Foam Cervical Collar by Vive

Vive’s soft foam cervical collar is contoured for both maximum comfort and support. It is available in two sizes, two colors, and comes with a 60-day unconditional guarantee.

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