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The Best Broken Finger Splints

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If you have been diagnosed with a finger fracture, a broken finger splint is a must. With all the options on the market, one brand stands above the rest. Vive’s adjustable finger splint features an integrated aluminum stay, and adjustable finger and wrist straps. Read on to learn more about this versatile splint.

Best Choice - Adjustable Finger Splint by Vive

Vive’s finger splint combines lightly padded neoprene material and an aluminum stay. The three straps make this brace easy to adjust to most finger sizes.

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A broken finger is no fun. Usually caused by an injury to the hand, it is characterized by sharp pain, swelling, and stiffness. In extreme cases, a bone may also be visible or the finger may be positioned at an odd angle.

A broken finger splint immobilizes the affected digit while it heals. This is important, as movement may aggravate the injury. Check out our list of the best broken finger splints to speed up your recovery.

Our Top Picks

Best Choice

Adjustable Finger Splint


Adjustable Finger Splint

Top Performance

Two Sided Finger Splints


Two Sided Finger Splints

Can’t Count Out

Finger Splint


Finger Splint

The 5 Best Broken Finger Splints

ProductBrandNumber of SplintsSizingColorBest Price
Adjustable Finger SplintViveOne splintOne sizeBlackBuy on Amazon
Two Sided Finger SplintsAcu-LifeTwo splintsOne sizeBlueBuy on Amazon
Finger SplintNeo-GOne splintFours sizesBlackBuy on Amazon
Finger Splints and Nylon SleevesBodyMovesTwo splintsOne sizeBlackBuy on Amazon
Finger Extension SplintQuanquerOne splintOne sizeBlueBuy on Amazon

Best Choice: Adjustable Finger Splint by Vive

Vive’s splint pairs two-finger straps and a removable wrist strap with adjustable D-rings, making it suitable for all fingers. Made from lightly padded neoprene, it comes with built-in aluminum support to immobilize the affected finger. This product is backed by a 60-day unconditional guarantee.

Main Features

  • Removable wrist strap
  • 2 finger straps
  • Aluminum support
  • Lightly padded for comfort
  • Made from neoprene


  • Suitable for all fingers
  • Lightweight and moisture-wicking
  • Fully adjustable
  • 60-day unconditional guarantee


  • Can be tricky to put on
  • Not ideal for small hands

Top Performance: Two Sided Finger Splints by Acu-Life

This set consists of one medium and one large splint to fit all fingers. The high-grade foam absorbs shock, while the hook-and-loop straps keep the splits securely in place during use. Simply mold the splint to your finger, wrap the built-in strap around it, and fasten.

Main Features

  • 1 medium and 1 large splint
  • High-grade foam
  • Hook-and-loop straps
  • Moldable design
  • Fit all fingers


  • Absorb shock
  • Stay in place
  • Designed to immobilize
  • Easy to put on


  • The foam makes the splints slightly bulky
  • Excess Velcro can catch on clothing

Can’t Count Out: Finger Splint by Neo-G

The highlight of this finger splint is its flexible cushioned shell, which can be molded to fit a variety of finger shapes and sizes. The innovative medical-grade design delivers both ventilation and support for maximum comfort and immobilization. Plus, this finger splint is ultra-easy to put on and take off.

Main Features

  • Patented design
  • Inner cushioning
  • Flexible shell
  • Comes in 4 sizes
  • Registered with regulatory bodies


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Can be molded to the shape of the finger
  • Ventilated design
  • Suitable for either hand


  • Durability issues
  • Not the best option for the pinky fingers

The Other Broken Finger Splints We Reviewed

Fingers Splints and Nylon Sleeves by BodyMoves

Made from neoprene, these one-size-fits-most finger splints for broken finger feature built-in aluminum support bars. The strong Velcro straps are fully adjustable for a tailored fit.

This product comes with elastic nylon sleeves that can be slipped on any finger to increase blood circulation. On the downside, it can be difficult to find the right fit for this splint.

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Finger Extension Splint by Quanquer

Combining high-grade closed-cell neoprene with a flexible aluminum stay that conforms to the shape of the finger, this splint is both comfortable and supportive.

The adjustable finger and wrist fastener straps hold the splint securely in place as you go about your day. Unfortunately, this splint is not a great option for short fingers.

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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Broken Finger Splint

Here’s some great information about broken fingers and using a finger splint to accelerate your recovery.

  • How Do You Tell if Your Finger is Broken?

    While a broken finger is usually painful, some fractures hurt more than others. You may still be able to bend your finger, even if it is broken. A broken finger usually starts to swell around five to ten minutes after an injury. Excessive swelling can compress the nerves in the affected finger, making it feel numb.

  • How Long Do You Have to Wear a Splint for a Broken Finger?

    Finger immobilization with a splint is a common form of treatment for a broken finger. A splinter for a broken finger is usually worn for four weeks after an injury. However, a fractured digit can take up to a few months to completely heal. It is generally recommended that you do not engage in strenuous exercise for two weeks after the splint comes off.

  • What Happens if a Broken Finger Goes Untreated?

    While the treatment for a broken finger depends on what type of fracture you have, some breaks require surgery. If a broken finger is left untreated, the pain is likely to increase over time. A break can also cause the bone to fragment, which can lead to infection, and damage the surrounding muscles, nerves, and ligaments.

Types of Finger Fractures

Not all finger fractures are the same. While some breaks heal after immobilization, others may require surgery. Here are the most common types of finger fractures.

  • Crush Fractures

    Most often caused by the finger being slammed in a door or hit near the fingertip, crush fractures can affect the bone, tissue, and fingernail. The symptoms of a crush fracture include deformity, swelling, bruising, and blood under the nail. In the most severe cases, a bone may also be sticking out through the skin. Crush fractures usually require a splint.

  • Seymour Fractures

    Also often caused by a crush injury, Seymour fractures are breaks in the growth plate or an area near the end of the bone. Growth plate injuries are usually open and require urgent medical attention. As there is a risk of infection, patients normally have to take a course of antibiotics.

  • Mallet Finger Fractures

    Mallet finger fractures are usually the result of a direct hit to the finger that bends it so far that it causes the tip of the finger to droop. As such, they are common in basketball, volleyball, and baseball players. Mallet finger fractures usually require a splint.

  • Volar Plate Fractures

    Volar plate fractures are usually the result of an overextension of the middle finger joint, which can damage the ligament and dislodge a piece of bone in the joint. This type of break is often characterized by pain, swelling, bruising, and loss of motion, but generally heals well with immobilization.

First Aid Following a Finger Injury

As it can be difficult to tell if a finger is broken, dislocated, or sprained, it is important to have your injury seen by a doctor. Here are a few first aid steps if you suspect that you have a broken finger.

  • Remove any jewelry from your hand.
  • Try not to move the affected finger. For extra stability, try taping it to the neighboring finger.
  • Prop your hand upon a pillow to reduce swelling.
  • If you have a cut, disinfect it and cover it with a dressing.
  • Place an ice pack on your hand for 15 to 20 minutes every 2 to 3 hours to alleviate pain and swelling. Don’t forget to place a barrier, such as a towel, between your skin and the ice pack to prevent frostbite.

Weighing All the Factors

After a thorough review of the best splinters for a broken finger, we recommend Vive’s adjustable finger splint. The built-in aluminum stay and three adjustable straps ensure that it is the best way to get maximum support for your fracture without giving up comfort. Our other two top choices, Acu-Life’s two-sided singer splints, and Neo-G’s finger splint, both have their own benefits.

Best Choice - Adjustable Finger Splint by Vive

Vive’s finger splint combines lightly padded neoprene material and an aluminum stay. The three straps make this brace easy to adjust to most finger sizes.

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