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The Best Foam Rollers

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If you love a massage but don’t like the costs behind getting one, why not try a roller? The best foam rollers on the market try to emulate the effects of a masseur’s hands to provide effective relief on any part of the body. Try our selection of the best foam rollers and get those muscles supple once again!

Best Choice - Grid Foam Roller by TriggerPoint

The best foam roller available is definitely TriggerPoint’s grid-base model. Its fantastic price, elegant design, and color selection makes it a great pick for beginners and experts alike.

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If your back has seen better days, why not pick out the best foam roller to work out those knots? If you can’t afford a masseur, a foam roller can be a cheap yet effective means to get back relief. What’s more, there are so many different variants of the roller, you’re bound to find something that fits you! Take a look at our best picks for foam rollers.

Our Top Picks

Best Choice

Grid Foam Roller


Grid Foam Roller

Top Performance

Foam Roller


Foam Roller

Can’t Count Out

High-Density Foam Roller


High-Density Foam Roller

The 10 Best Foam Rollers

ProductBrandSizingMen or WomenBest Price
Grid Foam RollerTriggerPointOne SizeMen and WomenBuy on Amazon
Foam RollerRumbleRoller12" - 31"Men and WomenBuy on Amazon
High-Density Round Foam RollerAmazonBasics12" - 36"Men and WomenBuy on Amazon
Foam RollerVive12" - 18"Men and WomenBuy on Amazon
Foam Rollers for MusclesPowerPro13" - 24"Men and WomenBuy on Amazon
Foam RollerLuxFit12" - 36"Men and WomenBuy on Amazon
Soft Density Foam RollerOPTP18" - 36"Men and WomenBuy on Amazon
EVA Foam RollerRolling With It13" - 36"Men and WomenBuy on Amazon
Foam Roller 321 STRONGOne SizeMen and WomenBuy on Amazon
GRID Foam RollerTriggerPointOne SizeMen and WomenBuy on Amazon

Best Choice: Grid Foam Roller by TriggerPoint

If you want a foam roller that can do it all, look no further than this one by TriggerPoint. It features a unique grid pattern that delivers different kinds of massage depending on what part you roll your back on. Each segment is designed to mimic the fingertips, fingers, and palms of the hand to replicate the effects of a massage. It even comes in five attractive colors for you to choose from!

Main Features

  • Uses a firm foam that doesn’t lose its shape after use
  • 500 pound weight limit
  • 1 year warranty


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Effective at tackling aching muscles


  • Quite short
  • Can be tricky to use

Top Performance: Foam Roller by RumbleRoller

If you need something that can really dig into the muscles of your back, you need nothing more than this one by RumbleRoller. As you can see by the picture alone, it features a lot of spikes that are designed to work the same way a masseur’s thumbs would. They come in two colors, but the shades aren’t just for show. They relate to two different types of firmness for better customization of your massage.

Main Features

  • Comes in three sizes
  • Designed to emulate a firm hand massage
  • Latex-free
  • Extra firm


  • Very effective at massaging deep tissue
  • Comes with an instruction booklet
  • Uses high-quality foam


  • Hurts a lot during the first few weeks of rolling
  • Can cause bruising

Can’t Count Out: High-Density Round Foam Roller by AmazonBasics

If you want a roller that’s plain and simple, definitely go for this one by AmazonBasics. As for additional features, it doesn’t have any–it’s a simple flat roller designed for usage across the entire body.

What makes it special is its attractive colors, customizable size, and a fantastic price point suitable for anyone wanting to get started with foam rollers.

Main Features

  • Lightweight
  • Sizes range from 12-36 inches in length
  • Edges are molded to prevent catching on clothes


  • Small enough to be portable, while large enough to be effective
  • Effective at relieving deep tissue aches, despite its flat surface
  • Easy to clean


  • Quite short
  • Can be uncomfortably firm for some

The Other Foam Rollers We Reviewed

Foam Roller by Vive

This roller by Vive keeps things simple, which makes it very handy for a wide range of uses. Due to its basic design, you can use it for massage, yoga, releasing lactic acid in aching muscles, and CrossFit.

It even comes with optional speckles for that little bit of additional flair! Unfortunately, it only comes in two sizes, so hopefully one of them fits your needs perfectly.

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Foam Rollers for Muscles by PowerPro

If you can’t decide what kind of roller you want, why not try both? This foam roller by PowerPro comes with a removable sleeve. With the sleeve, you can try a patterned roller to see if it’s for you.

If it’s not, simply remove the sleeve to reveal a plain, flat surface to massage your back on. It contains a lot of great accessories to round off the kit, but don’t expect to travel around with it, as it can be a bit heavy.

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Foam Roller by LuxFit

For a basic yet customizable roller, try this one by LuxFit. It has no special ridges or spikes, but it does have a good selection of sizes for you to pick from.

It also comes at a great price point, so you can get massaging without breaking the budget. If you use it for a long period of time, however, you may find it begins to get soft.

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Soft Density Foam Roller by OPTP

If you’re not keen to lie on top of a hard roller, this soft foam roller by OPTP is a great pick. Its delicate build makes it more forgiving on the back than firm, spiked rollers. It even comes in a half-circle variant if you want all of the benefits without chasing the roller around with your back!

Unfortunately, it does come at a steep price compared to other rollers, so only get this if you’re absolutely sure a tough roller simply won’t cut it.

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EVA Foam Roller by Rolling With It

If you want a foam roller that’s firm but without the spikes, this one by Rolling With It is a great choice. It comes in three different sizes, so you can choose the right roller for whatever part of the body you want to massage.

Despite its simple design, many users report how effective it is at massaging the muscles and working out knots. This, too, has a pretty high price point, so be sure to check the reviews to see if it’s for you before buying.

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Foam Roller by 321 STRONG

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose roller that’s suitable for beginners, try this one by 321 STRONG. It comes with different patterns on the roller that allows you to customize your massage the way you want it.

It even comes with an ebook so you can easily get started with foam rollers. Unfortunately, it only comes in one size, so you’ll have to make do with the one that you get!

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GRID Foam Roller by TriggerPoint

This extra-long foam roller by TriggerPoint is great for multi-purpose use. Its generous length allows it to be used on the back, arms, and legs without issue. It has a patterned surface that simulates different kinds of massages. One thing that’s not so relaxing, however, is its very high price point!

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How to Use a Foam Roller

Foam rollers are simple to use, but the key to their success is how you use them. Everything from the size to the positioning on the body is crucial when performing foam roller exercises, so take note of these details when purchasing your first.

Foam Roller Size

First of all, think about the area you want to massage with a roller. If you want to focus on your back, a long roller is best. Shorter rollers are more ideal for thin limbs, such as arms and legs. As such, you should get a roller that’s just the right size, so your massage isn’t hindered.

Foam Roller Patterns

A lot of rollers come with additional “patterns” on the cylinder designed to simulate fingers. Some have soft and gentle bumps, some have more rough spikes, and some have a mix of the two.

Which one is best for you depends on the intended use for the roller. If you want a roller that can dig into muscle knots, spiked ones are best. Otherwise, for a more gentle approach, get one with ridges instead. If you’re really unsure, it’s best to get a flat roller to start. They’re a lot more effective than you may first think!

Using the Roller

When it’s time to use the roller, place it down on the floor, ensuring you have room to move around. Place the part of the body you want to massage onto the roller, pressing down against it. Then, make gentle rocking back-and-forth motions against the roller.

If there’s a very specific area you want to focus on, you can apply pressure to it using the roller. Simply press it against the roller and don’t roll it around to focus the pressure on one spot. Some exercises keep the roller completely static and focus on moving the body around the roller, instead of the other way around.

Foam Roller Exercises You Can Try

If you’re in the mood to try some foam roller exercises, there are plenty of resources you can use to learn. Some rollers even come with their own ebook! If you just want to get going with your roller, here are some foam roller exercises to tide you over.

For The Back

When using a foam roller for back exercises, you’ll want to keep the roller on the spot you want to focus on and your hips off of the floor. You’ll need to use one arm to keep your upper body suspended. Then gently rock back and forth on the roller.

Because you’re using one arm, you’ll notice that one side of your back is getting the majority of the treatment. As such, it’s a good idea to swap arms every two minutes to give the entire back a nice massage.

For The Arms

If you want to focus on your upper arm, it’s best to get onto hands and knees, then put the forearm of the arm you want to focus on onto the roller. For the lower arm, however, you’re best off lying on your side with the target arm facing upward, then put your arm out in front of you over the foam roller.

For The Legs

Leg exercises are nice and simple. Rest the roller underneath your straight legs, and hold yourself up with your arms, buttocks off of the floor. Then, roll the roller where it’s needed, pausing on any parts which hurt or ache a little.

Weighing All the Factors

If you want the perfect multi-purpose roller, TriggerPoint’s entry is one of the best foam rollers you can pick from. RumbleRoller’s model is fantastic if you have stubborn muscles that refuse to unknot, and AmazonBasic’s simple but effective design is great for beginners.

Best Choice - Grid Foam Roller by TriggerPoint

The best foam roller available is definitely TriggerPoint’s grid-base model. Its fantastic price, elegant design, and color selection makes it a great pick for beginners and experts alike.

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