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The Best Ankle Braces for Soccer

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The best ankle brace for soccer should be both comfortable and supportive. Gonicc’s professional foot sleeves check both these boxes. Backed by a lifetime warranty, they consist of compression sleeves and ankle straps for quality support. Read on to learn more about how this product can help to improve your form on the field.

Best Choice - Professional Foot Sleeves by Gonicc

Made from nylon, polyester, and latex, Gonicc’s professional foot sleeves come with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product.

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Wearing an ankle brace for soccer can protect you from injury or reinjury by supporting your joints and limiting certain harmful motions. Ankle braces also improve proprioception, or the awareness of your ankles, enabling you to better control your footwork on the field. Take a look at our list of the best ankle braces for soccer, and make the most out of each game without jeopardizing your well-being

Our Top Picks

Best Choice

Professional Foot Sleeves


Professional Foot Sleeves

Top Performance

Ankle Brace


Ankle Brace

Can’t Count Out

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Med Spec

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

The 10 Best Ankle Braces for Soccer

ProductBrandLatex-FreeSizingColorsBest Price
Professional Foot SleevesGoniccNoFive sizesOne colorBuy on Amazon
Ankle BraceMcDavidNot specifiedFive sizesThree colorsBuy on Amazon
ASO Ankle StabilizerMed SpecNot specifiedFive sizesOne colorBuy on Amazon
Breathable Ankle BraceLimorNot specifiedThree sizesOne colorBuy on Amazon
Right and Left Foot SupportViveNot specifiedTwo sizesOne colorBuy on Amazon
Ankle Brace Sleeve with GelSENTEQNot specifiedSix sizesOne colorBuy on Amazon
Adjustable Ankle BraceCandy LiNot specifiedOne sizeThree colorsBuy on Amazon
Lace Up Adjustable SupportZ AthleticsNot specifiedTwo sizesOne colorBuy on Amazon
Lace Up Ankle BraceViveNot specifiedThree sizesOne colorBuy on Amazon
Brace for Injury PreventionUltra AnkleNot specifiedTwo sizesOne colorBuy on Amazon

Best Choice: Professional Foot Sleeves by Gonicc

Made from nylon, polyester, and latex, these adjustable soccer ankle guards consist of two compression wraps and two optional ankles supports to both stabilize the feet and increase blood circulation. The sleeves come in five sizes for a tailored fit. On top, this product is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Main Features

  • Come in 5 sizes
  • Made from polyester, nylon, and latex
  • 2 compression wraps
  • 2 ankle supports
  • 3D weaving technology


  • Increase blood circulation
  • Deliver stability and compression
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Contain latex
  • Less supportive

Top Performance: Ankle Brace by McDavid

Said to make an ankle injury three times less likely, this ankle brace is made from a single layer of polyester fabric and features a figure-six strapping pattern to stimulate athletic tape. It also has padded lining and reinforced closures for maximum comfort. The brace can also be adjusted without unlacing.

Main Features

  • Made from polyester
  • Figure-6 strapping system
  • Padded lining
  • Reinforced closures
  • Ventilated tongue


  • Decreases the risk of injury
  • Fits either foot
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Comes in 3 colors


  • Sizes run small
  • Velcro strap can lose grip over time

Can’t Count Out: ASO Ankle Stabilizer by Med Spec

Recommended by trainers, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists, this US-manufactured soccer ankle brace is made from durable ballistic nylon and is low-profile enough to fit in most shoes. Plus, it features three types of fastenings—laces, figure-eight stabilizing straps, and an elastic cuff.

Main Features

  • Figure-8 stabilizing straps
  • Laces and elastic cuff
  • Low-profile
  • Invisible seams
  • Made from ballistic nylon


  • Fits in most shoes
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Recommended by trainers
  • Comes in 5 sizes


  • Not easy to put on
  • Poor customer service

The Other Ankle Braces for Soccer We Reviewed

Breathable Ankle Brace by Liomor

This ankle support for soccer and other sports is made from elastic Lycra and lightweight nylon. The perforated design will keep you cool and dry.

Simply wrap the brace around your ankle, adjust the level of support and compression, and your ankle will be protected. On the downside, some reviewers have complained that the sizing chart for this product is inaccurate.

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Right and Left Foot Support by Vive

This neoprene soccer ankle wrap provides both support and compression to protect your foot from injury and speed up healing. It features adjustable cross-brace compression bands that retain therapeutic heat and an open-heel design to comfortably fit inside most shoe types. Unfortunately, this ankle brace does not contour to the foot as well as some other braces.

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Ankle Brace Sleeve With Gel by SENTEQ

Made from moisture-wicking neoprene with mesh venting, this ankle brace for soccer is water-resistant and comes either with or without a gel strap. It is FDA approved and features an open toe and heel design for maximum comfort. While this product comes in six sizes, some users have complained that its sizing chart runs small.

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Adjustable Ankle Brace by Candy Li

Available in three colors, this soccer ankle wrap features criss-cross strapping that can be fastened anywhere along the sleeve. Plus, it is made from elastic nylon and comes with built-in silicone to keep it securely in place as you score goals. However, some reviewers have complained that this brace rubs against the skin.

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Lace Up Adjustable Support by Z Athletics

This lace-up ankle brace comes with figure-eight straps to deliver 360-degree support. Made from a nylon and neoprene blend, it is double stitched for durability.

This product is backed by a replacement or refund guarantee. Please note that this brace is time-consuming to put on and take off.

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Lace Up Ankle Brace by Vive

This low-profile soccer ankle wrap fits inside most shoe types and can be worn on either the left or right foot. It is secured with laces, dual figure-eight straps, which can be adjusted with the built-in finger loops, and an elastic cuff.

This product is backed by a 60-day unconditional guarantee. Unfortunately, this ankle wrap is not as durable as some of the other supports.

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Brace for Injury Prevention by Ultra Ankle

Available in two sizes, this heavy-duty soccer ankle guard is supportive without affecting your performance on the field. Featuring a hard exterior shell and a hinged design, it provides excellent ankle stabilization. On the downside, the design of this brace does restrict some of the natural movement of the ankle.

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Ways to Promote Ankle Health

Whether you are an athlete or simply lead an active life, wearing an ankle brace can prevent an injury or reinjury. Here are a few other ways of promoting ankle health.

  • Strengthening Exercises

    Strengthening your ankle joints, tendons, and ligaments is a great way of gradually getting your body ready for high-impact activities such as soccer. Strengthening exercises can also improve your performance on the field. One of the easiest strengthening exercises for ankle health is the heel walk. Simply lift the front of your foot off the ground and walk on your heels across the room.

  • Flexibility Exercises

    Flexibility exercises stretch the ankle ligaments and tendons, increasing your range of motion and making you less prone to injury. One of the most common ankle flexibility exercises is the towel stretch. Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you, place a towel around your feet, and hold onto its ends. Slowly pull back on the towel until you feel a stretch at the bottom of your feet.

  • Balance Exercises

    Balance exercises improve proprioception or the sense of your body position in space. This, in turn, helps you move in a safe way. To improve your proprioception, stand upright and lift one foot off the ground. Look forward as you do this and count to five before repeating the same process as you look over your right and left shoulder. Repeat on the other side.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Ankle Brace for Soccer

  • Will an Ankle Brace for Soccer Affect my Game?

    While wearing an ankle brace will restrict your range of motion to some extent—after all, the purpose of a brace is to stop you from making harmful moves—most are designed to allow natural movement and have full ball control. Remember that injuring your ankle during soccer will hurt your game more than losing excessive movement.

  • How Tight Should Ankle Braces for Soccer Players be?

    Ankle support should be tight enough to restrict excessive motion without cutting off blood circulation to your feet. If your toes feel numb or are turning purple or blue, your brace is too tight and needs to be loosened. Alternatively, you can check whether your ankle brace is too tight by pinching your toenail. If no color returns to the nail, your brace is too tight.

  • Should I Wear an Ankle Brace All Day?

    Unless advised otherwise by your doctor, an ankle brace should be worn only during activity. Your ankles rely on micromotions to gradually improve their strength, so wearing an ankle brace all day might actually weaken your ankles. If you require ankle support at night, a compression sleeve is generally a better option than an ankle brace.

  • What Helps Sore Ankles from Soccer?

    The RICE protocol can alleviate ankle discomfort after a game of soccer. Rest your ankles and limit your soccer training if necessary. Ice the affected area for ten to twenty minutes every two hours to numb pain and reduce inflammation. Compress your ankles with a compression sleeve to increase blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue. Elevate your ankles above the level of your heart to accelerate recovery.

Weighing All the Factors

As soccer is a high-impact sport that requires a great deal of running, high-quality protection for your ankles is a must. Consisting of compression wraps and ankle support straps, Gonicc’s professional foot sleeves utilize 3D weaving technology to deliver both compression and support on the field. McDavid’s ankle brace and Med Spec’s ASO ankle stabilizer are also two great options to check out before making your final purchase.

Best Choice - Professional Foot Sleeves by Gonicc

Made from nylon, polyester, and latex, Gonicc’s professional foot sleeves come with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product.

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