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Best Knee Brace for Hiking

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The durability in IPOW’s knee strap brace is apparent from the first time you put it on. It has reinforced stitching with smooth edges to prevent skin irritation. The compression pad and non-slip design will keep you feeling supported and pain-free during any hiking adventure. Keep reading to learn more about this brace and the others we reviewed.

Best Choice - Knee Strap Brace by IPOW

IPOW’s knee strap brace supports the knee and absorbs shock for hiking on all kinds of terrain. The brace has a compression pad for targeted pressure and can easily be adjusted to almost any size.

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Hiking presents unique challenges to those with knee issues. The uneven terrain, the load of a backpack, and long miles can all add strain to preexisting knee problems. Whether you deal with arthritis, are healing from injury, or have a longstanding kneecap problem, these knee braces for hiking are the best on the market.

Our Top Picks

Best Choice

Knee Strap<br>Brace


Knee Strap

Top Performance

Dual-Action Knee<br>Strap Brace


Dual-Action Knee
Strap Brace

Can’t Count Out

Knee Brace<br>Support

TechWare Pro

Knee Brace

The Eight Best Knee Braces for Hiking

ProductBrandSizingMen or WomenBest Price
Knee Strap BraceIPOWOne SizeBothBuy on Amazon
Dual Action Knee StrapCho-Pat XS - XXLBothBuy on Amazon
Knee Brace TechWare ProM - XXBothBuy on Amazon
Patella Knee BandViveOne SizeBothBuy on Amazon
Open Patella BraceBracooOne SizeBothBuy on Amazon
Knee BraceEXOUSOne SizeBothBuy on Amazon
Knee Support BraceANRI.E.One SizeBothBuy on Amazon
Compression Knee BraceBauerfeindXXS - XXLBothBuy on Amazon

Best Choice: Knee Strap Brace by IPOW

Hiking on rough terrain can be hard on your knees. These knee straps are shock-absorbing and give excellent patella support. The Velcro strap is easily adjusted to achieve an adequate level of compression. A compression pad sits under the knee to put pressure right where you need it. With the strap’s breathable fabric, non-slip design, and smooth edges you’ll see why it topped our list.

Main Features

  • Compression pad
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Smooth edges
  • Breathable fabric


  • Adjustable
  • Shock absorbing
  • Non-slip design


  • Difficult to wear under clothes
  • May stretch out over time

Top Performance: Dual-Action Knee Strap Brace by Cho-Pat

The low profile knee brace for hiking from Cho-Pat applies pressure above and below the knee for the perfect balance of support and mobility. Designed by an Orthotist, this knee support for exercise uses adjustable hook-and-loop closures to relieve pain and reduce inflammation while supporting the kneecap during strenuous activity.

Main Features

  • Supports tendons above and below the knee
  • Minimalist design
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • Lightweight design
  • A wide range of sizes
  • Breathable
  • Fits under clothing
  • Doesn’t restrict movement


  • Exposed Velcro may snag fabric if worn under clothing
  • No return policy

Can’t Count Out: Knee Brace Support by TechWare Pro

The bidirectional straps on the hiking knee brace from TechWare Pro give an even level of compression so you can hike longer than ever before. The open patella and adjustable straps keep the kneecap in a neutral position to prevent pain before it begins. The spring stabilizers on the sides of the brace provide additional lateral and medial support, so you can tackle the toughest trails with ease.

Main Features

  • Strong closures stabilize the patella
  • Offers warming compression
  • Bidirectional straps give maximum support


  • Easy to adjust bidirectional straps
  • Made of moisture-wicking neoprene
  • Side spring stabilizers provide lateral support
  • Silicone strips hold the brace in place
  • Maximum support for injuries and arthritis


  • Might be too firm for some
  • Not returnable

The Knee Braces We Reviewed

Patella Knee Band by Vive

A firm foam compression pad on this knee band by Vive will place pressure over the patella tendon. This reduces the impact of each step and supports the knee cap. You’ll find that the strap is easily adjusted, even while on a hike. The knee band comes in four colors and features a latex-free, breathable fabric. The only downside we can find to this product is that it only comes in one size, so those with very small or large knees may have to look elsewhere.

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Open Patella Knee Brace Support by Bracoo

Three customizable hook and loop closures hold Bracoo’s hiking knee brace firmly in place while you’re on-the-go. The open patella reduces stress on the knee joint, and a reinforced stabilizer ring keeps the knee in proper alignment. This knee brace for walking is made from thick neoprene that is designed to support the knee and improve circulation. Unfortunately, the Velcro on this brace tends to wear over time.

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Knee Brace Support Protector by EXOUS

The 4-way compression of the EXOUS knee support for hiking hugs your knee from every possible angle and gives you medical-grade support. An excellent choice for those with weak knees, arthritis, or injury, this knee brace provides excellent compression in a one-size-fits-all design. While comfortable for short-term use, this brace is too firm for all-day hiking.

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Adjustable Knee Brace by ANRI.e.

The open patella stabilizer and silicone fixing ring in this knee support from ANRI.E. work in conjunction with 3 strips of heavy duty Velcro to keep this unit in place. Breathable fabric gives this brace just enough compression without causing the skin to get too hot. This brace does not work well for larger legs.

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Breathable Compression Knee Brace by Bauerfeind

Designed for athletes and available in 3 colors and available in 6 sizes, the compression knee brace from Bauerfeind protects the kneecap from impact and strain. The knitted fabric massages muscles while offering a good range of movement. This only drawback to this brace is the price.

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Key Features to Consider

Investing in a knee brace for hiking that will last can seem like a complicated endeavor. By considering the following points, you’ll be able to quickly assess your needs and spend more time on the trail than shopping online.

  • Open vs. Closed Patella

    Open patella braces have a small circular opening in which the kneecap sits. This design of hiking knee braces cradles the kneecap, stabilizing it as you move, and keeping it aligned with your leg.

    Closed patella braces are designed to allow maximum movement of the leg and knee joint, providing overall support and increasing circulation to prevent pain.

  • Hinged design

    The best type of knee brace for hiking may be the hinged knee brace, which offers the highest level of support when moving in any direction. This type of brace holds your knee in proper alignment while you walk, jump, or shift your movements from side to side.

    Hinged knee braces are heavier than knee compression sleeves and sometimes allow for less movement, but are ideal for those with arthritic knees and those recovering from injury.

  • Level of compression

    The level of compression needed in knee support for hiking varies from person to person. In all braces, you should feel a warm tightness around your knee that is comfortable but does not cut off circulation. This compression supports kneecaps and keeps muscles and joints warm.

    Those with degenerative conditions like arthritis may need more compression than those with weak muscles or others recovering from injury. You can adjust the level of compression in braces with hook and loop closures.

  • Ease of use

    The best knee brace for hiking is the one you will take with you on the trail and put to use.

    Your knee brace should be easy to take on and off, be adjustable, hand washable, and slip into a backpack.

How to Take Care of Your Knees While Hiking

Your knees absorb the weight of your entire body with every step. Climbing up and down steep inclines and declines puts added pressure on your joints, including your kneecaps.

You can help better care for your knees while hiking by doing the following:

  • Wear the right shoes and/or insoles

    Good shoes and insoles decrease pressure and strain put on the knees while hiking. The weight and style of hiking shoes matter more than the brand.

    Hiking boots with good-fitting insoles are a smart choice for those traveling on rugged terrain where ankle support is a must. Hiking shoes or cross trainers, which are lighter than hiking boots, make more sense for those hiking long trails.

    Lightweight shoes put less strain on sore and tired knees and can help you to travel longer distances without trouble.

  • Lessen your load

    The weight of your backpack should never exceed more than 10 percent of your body weight. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, keep your pack at 15 pounds or so.

    The lighter your pack, the more your knees will thank you.

  • Take a backpack

    Shoulder bags and hand-holding water bottles don’t distribute weight evenly across your body, which can lead to back problems and contribute to knee pain. When on short walks, try a daypack, which is made especially for hikes that last one day, and has a place for things like water bottles, snacks, cameras, and changes of clothes.

  • Use trekking poles

    Trekking poles or a walking stick will reduce pressure on your knees, especially during uphill climbs and when descending hills. Many of today’s trekking poles can fit in the side of a backpack when not in use.

  • Stop to rest

    Taking frequent breaks to stretch, catch your breath, and rehydrate will also give your muscles and joints a chance to rest. Breaking once every hour while hiking can go a long way in reducing inflammation and preventing sore knees.

  • Always take a brace

    Knee pain takes all the fun out of getting out in nature. Prevent problems by wearing your knee brace for hiking and other activities which have a history of causing pain or swelling.

Weighing All the Factors

If you need a little extra support while on the trail, a knee brace for hiking is an investment that will pay for itself time and time again. If you need a brace with maximum support and comfort at an affordable price, IPOW’s knee strap brace can’t be beaten. If you want something lightweight that allows for movement, look into the brace from Cho-Pat. For firm support to tackle even the toughest hills, check out the knee brace support by TechWare Pro.

Best Choice - Knee Strap Brace by IPOW

IPOW’s knee strap brace supports the knee and absorbs shock for hiking on all kinds of terrain. The brace has a compression pad for targeted pressure and can easily be adjusted to almost any size.

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