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Best Compression Socks for Nurses

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After weighing all the pros and cons, our pick for the best compression socks for nurses is Physix Gear Sport’s compression socks. We think that any nurse will benefit from wearing a pair of these, with their high compression and overall quality construction. Continue reading to learn more about our top choice and our other picks for the best compression socks.

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Best Choice - Compression Socks by Physix Gear Sport

Physix Gear Sport’s compression socks have gradient compression to boost circulation to deliver oxygen to the muscles.

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Nurses spend countless hours on their feet, which can lead to varicose veins, clots, and aching muscles. Finding the best compression socks will improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and add needed comfort to your feet. Check out our best compression socks for nurses to find a pair that works best for your needs.

Our Top Picks

Best Choice

Compression Socks

Physix Gear Sport

Compression Socks

Top Performance

Compression Socks


Compression Socks

Can’t Count Out

Compression Socks


Compression Socks

The 10 Best Compression Socks for Nurses

ProductBrandSizing Men or WomenBest Price
Compression Socks Physix Gear SportS/M and L/XLMen and WomenBuy on Amazon
Premium Compression SocksMudGearS - LMen and WomenBuy on Amazon
Compression SocksTruCompressionS/M and L/XLMen and WomenBuy on Amazon
Compression SocksLaite HebeS/M and L/XLMen and WomenBuy on Amazon
Compression SocksSB SOXS - XLMen and WomenBuy on Amazon
Cotton Compression SocksSocksLaneS/M, L/XL, Extra WideWomenBuy on Amazon
Cotton Compression SocksFuelMeFootS/M and L/XL Men and WomenBuy on Amazon
Graduated Compression SocksVitalsox XS - XL Men and WomenBuy on Amazon
Lite Compression SocksSB SOX S/M and L/XL Men and WomenBuy on Amazon
Compression SocksCAMBIVOS/M, L/XL, XXL Men and WomenBuy on Amazon

Best Choice: Compression Socks by Physix Gear Sport

Our top choice compression socks for nurses are by Physix Gear Sport and are a dream to wear. Any nurse will appreciate how these compression socks significantly reduce swelling and leg fatigue. They are made with anti-bacterial material and have graduated compression from the heel to the upper calf. With the reinforced stitching, these socks won’t lose elasticity after multiple washes.

Main Features

  • Anti-bacterial fiber
  • Stay put cuffs
  • Comfortable
  • Multiple sizes and colors


  • Washable
  • Double stitched, no slip fabric
  • High compression, 20mmHg – 30mmHg


  • Too long for shorter people
  • Can be hard to put on

Top Performance: Premium Compression Socks by MudGear

Here is a pair of serious compression socks made to keep a nurse’s feet and legs strong and ready to handle just about anything. MudGear’s premium compression socks have a medium compression rating that boosts blood circulation within the legs.

They wick away moisture, prevent blisters, and come in a variety of colors and sizes. You’ll have to decide if this high quality compression sock will keep up with your busy nursing schedule.

Main Features

  • Padded calf
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Graduated compression


  • Medium compression, 15mmHg – 20mmHg
  • Excellent blister prevention
  • Stabilizes muscles


  • Pricey
  • Slightly thicker material

Can’t Count Out: Compression Socks by TruCompress

If you’re going to wear your compression socks every day and need more than one pair then this might be the product for you. With its breathable fabric that is both moisture wicking and anti-bacterial, you’ll be confident that your socks won’t hold odors.

Nurses can work extremely long days, and these socks will help combat leg fatigue and reduce the likelihood of varicose veins because of the high compression within these socks.

Main Features

  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable fabric
  • Anti-bacterial material


  • Non-slip cuff
  • Reinforced heel
  • High compression, 20mmHg – 30mmHg


  • May not be too much compression
  • Limited sizes

The Other Compression Socks for Nurses We Reviewed

Compression Socks by Laite Hebe

These compression socks come in packs of seven or eight, which means less laundry and more time for doing other activities you enjoy. These cute compression socks for nurses come in multiple designs and have quick drying fibers that provide better comfort and compression.

Nurses will appreciate the leg support and compression after a long day at work. However, these socks might not be tight enough for someone who needs high compression.

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Compression Socks by SB SOX

This is a popular pair of knee high compression socks for nurses that is designed to reduce swelling and leg fatigue. SB SOX has added a no-slip cuff, moisture-wicking fabric, ankle protection, arch support, and multiple other features to make their product a great choice for anyone who’s on their feet most of the day. These socks come in multiple sizes, so be careful when choosing your size.

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Cotton Compression Socks by SocksLane

Here is a compression sock that won’t roll down and will let your legs and feet breathe all day. The sock comes in a medium compression and multiple size options, including wide calf. The cotton construction is naturally anti-allergenic and won’t itch like some synthetic fiber compression socks. However, this brand does not offer many color choices, so if fashion is a priority you may need to look elsewhere.

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Copper Compression Socks by FuelMeFoot

The benefits of compression socks for nurses or anyone who spends the day are on their feet are endless. Not only will you get a sock that has graduated compression that nearly eliminates swelling, but you’ll also have the added copper fibers that reduce odors and keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Yet, some people might need stronger compression to truly eliminate their swelling.

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Graduated Compression Sock by Vitalsox

Every pair of Vitalsox compression socks are hand tested for quality and construction. The socks are infused with silver fibers to stop the growth of bacteria and fungus. This reduces sock odors even after the longest work days. Nurses will love that they are prewashed in chemical free fabric softener, making them ready to wear out of the box. Because of its higher price, this may not be the best option for someone looking to try out compression socks for the first time.

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Lite Compression Socks by SB SOX

This pair of compression socks offer moderate compression and moisture wicking fabric that is both anti-static and anti-odor. With multiple color options and sizes, this lighter compression sock is an easy choice for nurses who suffer from DVT, swollen ankles, and the aches and pains of standing for long periods of time.

Although, if staying warm is one of your priorities, the lighter fabric might not retain heat as well as some of the other socks on our list.

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Compression Socks by CAMBIVO

Here is a set of high compression socks comes with two pairs. Made with high quality 3D knitting technology, which provides a seamless design. The 20-30mmHg of compression will reduce swelling, the risk of deep vein thrombosis, shin splints, and varicose veins. These compression socks might be difficult to pull on due to their high compression rating.

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How do Compression Socks Work?

Compression socks are created with graduating tightness that diminishes as it moves up the leg. The foot will have the highest level of compression which will slowly loosen as the sock moves up the leg, with just below the knee being the lowest compression.

All that compression encourages blood circulation which reduces venous conditions like deep vein thrombosis (DVT), varicose veins, and edema. Compression socks will also battle leg fatigue and soreness by increasing blood circulation which brings more oxygen to your muscles and removes lactic acid which causes sore muscles.

How to Choose the Best Compression Sock

With so many compression socks for nurses on the market choosing the right one can be tough! Below we cover the top features to look for to help you make the right choice.


Compression socks can come in a wide variety of material. Cotton, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and spandex to name just a few. It’s likely that the best compression socks for you will have a combination of materials to have the right amount of compression.

If you get hot wearing long compression socks lookout for ones that are made with anti-bacterial, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric. These features will keep you cool and comfortable during your long day at work.

Compression Level

The compression level on socks is measured by mmHg, (in case you’re curious mmHg is read as, “millimeters of mercury”). The lowest level we listed is 10mmHg and the highest is 30mmHg. Nurses who are looking to reduce swelling and leg fatigue should buy compression socks that are on the lower end.

However, nurses who are prone to varicose veins, DVT, and significant swelling will benefit from compression socks that are 20mmHg or greater. Talk to you doctor about compression socks that are greater than 30mmHg as those are used for specific medical conditions.


The size and length of your compression socks will greatly impact their fit. Read the manufacturers measurement guidelines before you purchase your socks. Some companies ask you to measure around your calf for the best fit, while others are based on your shoe size. Finding the right size will give your feet and legs enough compression to benefit your feet and legs without squeezing too tight and restricting blood flow.

Weighing All the Factors

At the end of the day, quality construction, breathable fabric, and the right fit are what matters most when finding the right compression sock. The compression socks by Physix Gear Sport offers all these features and more, giving a busy nurse the confidence to wear them every day. The other two top options by MudGear and TruCompress are strong competitors that have their own benefits. Whichever one you choose we hope that they knock your socks off!


Best Choice - Compression Socks by Physix Gear Sport

Physix Gear Sport’s compression socks have gradient compression to boost circulation to deliver oxygen to the muscles.

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